What do you need to get a loan? The 3 criteria for Business Finance

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  Posted by: electime      29th November 2019

Nearly every business can benefit from finance. Whether you’re making a property purchase, acquiring specialised equipment, or just in need of cashflow, business loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes. With interest rates lower than they’ve been for a while, now is a great time to be looking for finance, too. But finance can be a confusing process at the best of times; one of the most common questions we get at ASC is this – “What do I actually need to get a loan?”. Now, that’s a question with no exact answer. However, over the years we’ve found that lenders are looking for 3 particular things, all of which have relevance to any electrical business looking for finance. So, what do you want to be thinking about when looking for a loan?

1.    Cash

Lenders want to minimise the risk to themselves as much as possible, and one of the key ways to do that is through making sure that you’ve also got money “in the pot”. Lenders will expect you to have cash available equal to roughly 25-33% of what you’re asking for as finance. This is a standard requirement for any business, no matter the sector or area – you’ll always need money to hand.

2.    Collateral

The other major way lenders minimise their risk taken on loans is through the offering of security. When you’re looking for a loan, being able to offer some form of valuable collateral against the finance is considered the ideal situation for a lender. Normally, this takes the form of property – it’s worth a lot of money, you’re going to want to keep ahold of it if possible, and it’s not exactly going to go anywhere, is it? If you’ve got the ability to offer security, lenders will likely look on your application more favourably.

Collateral is an area where wholesalers and merchants tend to do well, especially in a world like electrics where there are lots of specific parts that need to be kept in stock. Even if you don’t have a physical shop for customers to visit, you still need warehouse and delivery spaces as part and parcel of the trade. This means that you’ve got property to hand inherently, which lenders like to see.

3.    Capability & Character

It’s one thing to be able to offer cash and security. It’s another to be able to run an effective, profitable business. Lenders want to be sure that you have both the demand for business and the character needed to use the finance they offer wisely before they’ll open their wallets. Whilst character is obviously a very personal affair, electrical suppliers and distributors are well-set when it comes to demand. Electricians are always going to be needed, and they’re always going to need supplies!

As we mentioned, the requirements for loans will be different for every business. But by making sure you have these points covered, you’ll greatly increase your chances of success.

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