Steve Jones, accepts new role as Managing Director to Sirius Buying Group

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  Posted by: electime      12th January 2021

Major buying group in the electrical appliance and kitchen retail industry, Sirius Buying Group, is pleased to announce former Commercial Director, Steve Jones, has been appointed as its new Managing Director, with effect from January 2021.

This richly-deserved promotion is testament to Steve Jones continued dedication and level of expertise within the electrical appliance industry, and it comes at a time when independent retailers up and down the country are subject to new trade agreements post-Brexit and evolving government lockdown measures throughout Q1/21 impacting retail.

Steve is renowned for his desire to help the independent stay independent, enabling retailers to reach their full market potential as part of the growing community of Approved Members and Suppliers to the group. 2021 actually marks his 16th year with the company, starting out as Administration Manager before progressing to Commercial Manager, then appointed as Commercial Director in 2016 and now, Managing Director.

Steve Jones, says “To say this is a massive honour is an understatement, as I am extremely proud to continue being an authoritative figure for our members and mutual support mechanism for retail development and economic efficiency. It is definitely the members’ company, but I will continue to look after Sirius as if it were my own – both present and future!”

Pete Gilks, Founder Member & Sirius Director says, “As a young man, Steve brought his skills and enthusiasm to the group straight away. He matured very quickly and embraced the many years of knowledge and experience from those around him, resulting in a keen business acumen. Having worked closely with him to develop the group, I am very pleased that his appointment as Managing Director will secure its future and take it the next level of success.” Steve is set to take the group to even greater heights with a raft of new initiatives in 2021, which are set to increase opportunities for new and established members and raise the profile of the industry as a whole. “It has been an absolute privilege to see Steve’s dedication to the business first hand. He carries his depth of knowledge without airs and has remarkable foresight, which has enabled us to create pioneering new ventures like our first-ever Digital Trade Show in October last year: and also an industry first! Steve knows the business from the ground up, which gives him the ability to mentor and support so many different people and challenge them to go beyond what they think is possible. He has the rare ability to connect with people and make them feel good, boosting confidence and giving them the impetus to follow through and get dramatic results in their professional lives.”

Other long-standing members of Sirius Buying Group and recently appointed directors of the board are delighted at this positive news and comment:

Lyn Knight, Managing Director, Abbey Appliances, Evesham, Sirius Director says: “Steve is a great advocate for the group. He makes good judgements based on support from his peers and members of the group.”

Paul Kemp, Managing Director, Appliance City, Nottingham, Sirius Director, agrees with Lyn Knight and says: “Steve is very proactive and he has earned this position. He also has great respect from the industry and we are confident in his plans for the further success of the group.”

Taking a positive and professional approach to change is a key pillar of the Sirius Buying Group philosophy, so if you want to enjoy the benefits of an exceptional network of Approved Suppliers and Members, please get in touch today.

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