A new gold rush?

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  Posted by: electime      6th November 2019

“Electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure is about to become the next gold rush according to a recent article” commented Brendan Beaver the manager of Metrel UK Limited.

 “The article in InsideEVs authored by Matt Pressman , went on to say as more EVs take to our roadways, it will make more sense for businesses to invest in charging infrastructure. Tesla was ahead of its time when they bet on a proprietary Supercharger network. Now, public EV charging infrastructure is popping up all over the globe. Even McDonald’s is getting in on the action.”

“It makes sense for electricians to equip themselves with the tools that allow them to grab their own nugget too!”

“For a couple of years Metrel has been marketing the complete testing solution for engineers who want to take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity,  the Metrel multi-function tester MI3152 in combination with the EVSE adapter A 1532.”

“The wiring Regs recommend the use of a TT system, and the multi-function tester can measure the resistance of the earth electrode that bang in as you start work.

“Once you have completed the installation you are able to check the functionality of the charging station with the adapter simulating the EV, whether it be a domestic single-phase charger or a fast 3-phase charger.

“The adapter also opens up the charging unit so that the installation can be tested electrically. Using the EVSE RCD setting on the multi-function tester, the protection can be tested, that is 30 mA AC and 6 mA DC.

“Furthermore the earth loop resistance can be measured simply using the Metrel no-trip test, which though low current is very repeatable. Once the measurements and functional tests have been done, it is very easy to store the results on the machine labelled with the serial number  so that the owner of the charger has a certificate to prove it was correctly installed.

“And after the gold rush, to quote Neil Young, this combination of test equipment will continue efficiently earning you money with EICRs on charging equipment, as well as your more routine installations.”

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